Zanti Connect

I’d love to help you unravel some health issues, detox your home or upscale your daily rhythms. I am available for individual appointments at two locations. Get in touch with me or check out Club Zanti to find out more.

Peace of mind

“Zanti” is a Sanskrit word meaning peace of mind, tranquility, bliss, relief from pain. It is what I desire in life, and hope to bring to others. Feeling settled within a truth or deep knowledge brings calm.

Science of life

The word “Ayurveda” translates to knowledge or science of life. This ancient healing philosophy has survived over 5000 years and is gaining devotees throughout Western society as more people learn of Ayurveda’s logical approach and philosophical truths.

True balance

Find what is missing in your life. Diet and lifestyle, season and age, body and mind, heart and emotions, mentality and approach to life must all be balanced in order to live our healthiest and happiest existence.

Services & Therapies

Experience peace of mind, tranquility and bliss as you rediscover your true balance.

Zanti Ayurveda is at the following locations:

  • Tuesday 11am -3pm and Thursday 11am-5pm:
  • Pilates Fitness Institute, 9a/248 Leach Hwy, Myaree WA 6154, Australia

Can’t get to me? I offer phone or video consultation. 

        Become a                member

Club Zanti is the place for women who are ready to invest in their future selves: Body, energy, sleep, clarity, longevity. It is a place of connection, support and foundational knowledge for life-long wellness.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embody Ayurvedic principles and practises to flip inflammation and deeply heal, revealing your most vibrant and best self.


Membership has its benefits

Access all online programs, accountability sessions. 

Payment plans available. One year membership.   

*CLUB ZANTI is currently paused*

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Can't get to me?

I spent two fabulous years ‘on the road’ ,travelling Australia with my family. We lived in some pretty remote places and at one stage, when I was sick, I felt isolated and lost. I didn’t have a trusted practitioner out there and didn’t know who to turn to. If you are travelling or can’t get to me for another reason, I offer online consultation and express post of remedies or products as required.

What's your environmental impact?

Treading lightly on the earth is an essential pillar at Zanti Ayurveda. We use the most natural, organic products and sustainable practises possible.

What is Club Zanti?

Zanti Ayurveda is transitioning to a Membership Model to provide greater support for my growing community than the traditional one-on-one model allows. I invite you to consider joining Club Zanti – it’s a lot of fun. Book a value-packed discovery call to learn more.

Can we meet in person?

I am available for individual appointments at two West Australian locations: South Fremantle on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Myaree on Thursday.