Zanti Ayurveda

A complementary and alternative medicine health care practice 

Autumnal Ayurvedic Reset coming up. Join us to feel better, boost your digestion, immunity, sleep and clarity. 


I empower my clients with practical actions and knowledge suited to their unique healing journey.

Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Peta Crogan, will help you discover your balance through a modern take on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Lifestyle, diet and time-honoured solutions form the basis of the approach at Zanti Ayurveda.

Peace of mind

“Zanti” is a Sanskrit word meaning peace of mind, tranquility, bliss, relief from pain. It is what I desire in life, and hope to bring to others. Feeling settled within a truth or deep knowledge brings calm.

Science of life

The word “Ayurveda” translates to knowledge or science of life. This ancient healing philosophy has survived over 5000 years and is gaining devotees throughout Western society as more people learn of Ayurveda’s logical approach and philosophical truths.

True balance

Find what is missing in your life. Diet and lifestyle, season and age, body and mind, heart and emotions, mentality and approach to life must all be balanced in order to live our healthiest and happiest existence.

Services & Therapies

Experience peace of mind, tranquility and bliss as you rediscover your true balance.

Zanti Ayurveda is at the following locations:

  • Tuesday 11am -3pm and Thursday 11am-5pm:
  • Pilates Fitness Institute, 9a/248 Leach Hwy, Myaree WA 6154, Australia

Can’t get to me? I offer phone or video consultation. 

Does Anxiety Really Exist?

I haven't posted in a while, so thought I'd share something I wrote about anxiety a few years ago. Ayurveda offers fabulous, tangible tools which have remained relevant throughout the history of this fabulous health science - since before the written word. Of course...

10 Ayurvedic Self Care Tips for Winter

After the upheaval of the past few months, it is more important than ever to take a few simple measures in your life to balance, settle and nourish so you can remain healthy and strong throughout Winter.

Reassurance in the Face of Forced Home-Schooling

In most of my consultations, I find myself explaining and reassuring my clients. Right now we are at a critical time in the health of our society. This is already limiting our social and community gatherings. I sincerely hope this blog can reassure and settle concerns...

Ideal Digestion for All Bodies

While Ayurveda treats the INDIVIDUAL, the ideal food plan for all bodies is a single, simple plan:

Making Health in My Kitchen

I wrote this blog in May and just found it again today. I can’t believe it has been only 3 ½ months since the election. It feels like a year has passed! Interestingly though, I worked through my white space and rest recently and have succumbed to a sniffle. This...

Autumn Tips for Better Balance

April sees a definite seasonal change throughout most of Western Australia. Cool nights, increased wind in the afternoon and shortening days tell us that we need to adjust our seasonal routines. The season is high in vata, so we need to take measures to counteract that to maintain balance in our body and lives. 

The Best Investment I Have Made Lately…

So much more than exercise, regular swimming is having profound effects on my business, body and mental health.

Product Spotlight – MiEssence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood

I want to introduce you to one of my favourite products: MiEssence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood. There is no doubt in my mind that it saved me from a long, sad road of being sick.

Why Turmeric Represents Ayurveda

Turmeric,  the WHOLE plant encompasses the full spectrum of life to me. I believe this is why people think of turmeric when they hear ‘Ayurveda’ and why it encapsulates this beautiful wisdom.

From Stress to Grounded with Bonus Natural Weed Spray

Little Ted was home from school, sick (and snotty). She’s a tough little nut: pale, lips cracked and wrinkled like prunes, glazed eyes and needing to lay on the couch between doses of herbs, but still asking if there’s something I’d like her to do. So, I set her to weed killing. As I said, no RoundUp will cross this threshold, E.V.E.R. and last time I checked the ingredients of the friendliest looking weed spray it wasn’t good enough to be putting near my vegetable garden, pets or kids.

“Extensive knowledge and ability to supply assisting products”