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Zanti Ayurveda is a wholistic wellness centre.


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Experience peace of mind, tranquillity and bliss as you rediscover your true balance

Services and Therapies

Come and see me for an in-depth health consultation. Your prescription may include one of the following time-honoured therapies.

Health Assessment

Your initial health assessment will be thorough and in-depth. I will develop a diet, lifestyle and treatment plan with therapy recommendations to fit with your goals. Health rebates available. Allow 90 min +/-20 minutes for remedy preparation.

Telephone or Skype Health assessment

Your initial consultation, on the phone or via skype if you cannot visit me in person. I will require you send images and complete forms prior to consultation. Allow 60 – 80 minutes.

Follow-up Health Assessment

Together we will assess progress, develop new goals and refine  your ongoing health plan. (Within 9 weeks of previous appointment.) Allow 45 min.

Follow-up Health Assessment (long)

Assess progress, develop new goals, determine ongoing plan, where new issues require attention or I haven’t seen you for 9-26 weeks. Allow 70 – 90 min.

Repeat Herbal Remedy

Available only after previous full consultation. Herbal remedy only. Other prescription and recommended items additional.
$35.00 – $50.00 + postage


Herbal remedy provided in capsules. Available only after previous full consultation.
$25.00 + remedy costs

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Healing Massage)

Ayurvedic Oil Massage. Blissful and rejuvenating, healing and pain relieving. Medicated oils applied during remedial, meridian and marma point therapy provide deep healing. 40, 60 or 90 minute appointments available.
40 minutes – $65.00
60 minutes – $90
90 minutes – $130
Includes organic medicated and essential oils.

Psoriasis treatment

Application of specialist medicated and organic oils to affected areas and abhyanga where possible. Excellent healing for sore skin. Combine with Health Consultation to heal from within. 60 min.


Head and shoulders massage plus Shirodhara. A beautifully settling and transporting traditional treatment where warm oil is continually poured over the forehead. Recommended for headache, anxiety, stress and insomnia. Best results are achieved when booked in series of three treatments. (Purchase of 1L oil is required for treatment – yours to keep for subsequent treatments or take home for self massage.)  60 min.
$90.00       (+ $20 for 1L Organic Black Sesame oil  or $35 for 1L Organic Shirodhara oil )

Pinda Swedana

Medicated rice, milk and herb heat treatment for rejuvenation, deep nourishment, pain relief and beautification. Recommended for disc compression, osteoarthritis, rejuvenation of damaged joints or previously broken bones, skin conditions, infectious skin conditions. 40 – 60 min. Combination with Abhyanga available.
$65 – $130

Ruksha Swedana

Hot salt/rice and herbs treatment for oedema, inflammation, lung congestion, rheumatic pain, varicose veins and circulatory problems. Relieves pain by improving circulation and helping toxins to flow out. 40 – 60 min.
$65 – $130

Kati (lower back), Greeva (neck), Hrid (heart), Janu (knees) Basti

Basti means held within a container. These therapies utilise a dough reservoir made from black gram or urid flour. Medicated, warm oil placed within provides gentle traction and penetrates deeply to the affected tissues to provide pain relief and nourishment. 50 – 90 min.
$65.00 – $130

Netra Basti

Delicious nutrition and rejuvenation for your eyes. Medicated ghee eye treatment combined with head and neck massage. Recommended for dry eyes, eye strain, pterygium, welder’s flash. May improve vision and clarity. 50 min.


Sinus and nasal treatment involving facial massage, steam and medicated oil application. Nourish and strengthen the nasal passages. Relieves sinus related headaches, allergies, congestion and improves sleep. May reduce snoring. 30min.
September 2018  Special – $10 off

Ayurvedic Facial (basic)

Teamed with a relaxing face, shoulders, head and neck massage, Zanti signature facials will leave you feeling like a Goddess. Suitable for relaxation, or to treat conditions including acne, pigmentation, scarring, inflammation and the effects of time. Choose from MiEssence Organic & Natural facial or Ayurvedic herbal treatment tailored to your constitution and needs. 60 mins.
Ayurvedic facial requires up to 20 minutes additional consultation and preparation time.
$90.00 – $135

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR)

MSTR is a gentle, immediate and effective release of scars to improve lymphatic, nerve signal and blood flow. It may release trapped toxins, release trapped emotions and improve range of motion in both near and distant tissues or limbs. MSTR almost always has a profound effect on the sensation and appearance of the scar along with improvement of the function of local tissue. If your scars hurt, are numb, are unsightly and affect your confidence or make you feel like you’re disconnected, MSTR can help. This technique is also fabulous for plantar fasciitis and restricted shoulder movement. 
Small scars may be treated fully in one session, keloid or large scars (15cm or more) will require multiple sessions.


Dry herbal powder massage. A luxurious exfoliating and warming treatment where massage is combined with the application of herbal powders. Indicated for congested lymphatics, edema reduction and weight loss. Also exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin. 90 min.

AyurDoula services

In home support for new mamas.
The 42 days after birth set the tone for the next 42 years of her life. When a baby is born, so is a new mother. She needs a unique and deep support to both recovery optimally and discover the new woman she is to be. Post Partum support strengthens the entire family as Mama is free to be in a healthy ocytoxin bubble, bonding with her family and growing into her new role. 
Support may include all or a combination of: Prepped – Breastfeeding and birth recovery kitchen prep basket; Food delivery service; Pre-birth and in-home consultation and herbal support;  In-home massage; In-home cooking and support.
Prices vary. Registry and pay-it forward options available.
Please book your free 30 minute interview to find out more and ensure we are a good fit. 

Clinic Hours

Other times by appointment.

Monday: 9am-3pm
Tuesday: 9am-3pm
Wednesday: 9am-3pm
Thursday: 9am-3pm

Find your true balance

The aim at Zanti Ayurveda is to first allay concerns (Peace of Mind), then transport you to a place of tranquillity and bliss to enable healing at the deepest levels. You heal better when you can feel better. As part of your regular health routine, a well-earned pamper or to celebrate a special occasion, I invite you to discover Zanti.

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