Hormone Helper: Healthy Perimenopause

Are you struggling with brain fog, hot flashes, insomnia, lack of confidence, hair loss, weight gain, metabolic sttall, stress, low energy and painful joints? It’s not meant to be this way, you know!

I call BS on hot flashes and feeling like crap for 5-18 years! We have been told for decades that these struggles are a normal part of life for women – but they are NOT NORMAL. They are signs your body is in hormonal chaos and struggling.

Hot flashes are a symptom of your liver or thyroid struggling, a symptom of hormones out of balance and a sign that diet, lifestyle and/or stress have wrought havoc on your normal female balance.

Let Ayurveda gently, naturally, wisely and practically get you back on top of your personal mountain and on top of your chaotic hormones.

My 10-week Hormone Helper (Healthy Perimenopause) will give you the tools to get your body back and feel like yourself again.

Rejuvenate your liver to turn down, or turn off the hot flashes.

Invigorate your thyroid to restart your metabolism, improve sleep and shed weight.

Get your energy, clear brain and good moods back.

Plus, you’ll be able to nourish your entire family, improving health, mood and reducing future health risks for everyone.

Your weekly session will educate, keep you accountable and offer additional resources if you need more help. Recordings will be available.

Attendees receive a voucher for a discounted 1 on 1 session AND a goodies pack valued at over $160.

Online links TBC and will be provided before the course starts.