Product Spotlight – MiEssence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood

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 How some ugly green juice saved me

I want to introduce you to one of my favourite products. There is no doubt in my mind this ugly green juice saved me from a long, sad road of being sick.

Just a few years ago I was struggling, daily. My body hurt all the time. I was weak, my brain was mush, I was depressed. My arms were like lead – heavy and sore, and the weight of my hands pulled so much on my elbow joints that carrying a small bag of groceries felt like damaging strain. It hurt to hold my daughter’s hand. I was a stranger to myself and certainly a burden to my family. I felt decrepit and my full life seemed to be diminishing in front of my eyes.

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Really sick

The two years before were the happiest in our lives. We were travelling Australia. Living from beach to mountain to beautiful landscape. We were home-schooling the kids and had met some beautiful friends who remain a source of joy and strength in our lives.

Unfortunately, I had been sick. First I was struck down by a nasty bout of laryngitis after sitting next to a clearly sick man while on Jury duty. The laryngitis became whooping cough with all the indignities of coughing all night in a crowded campsite, a face full of cold-sores and loss of pelvic floor strength. Then, one morning, I found a tick burrowed into my groin. I knew nothing of Lyme disease, but recall that I had an achy fever, sniffles and a definitive red ring around the bite site. At the time, I had simply put that down to inflammation due from my digging it out.

Brown Tick on Yellow Leaf in Close-up PhotographyDue to my prolonged coughing illness, my iron stores were depleted and my periods became horror-movie heavy. I started to faint regularly but unpredictably. One night I had a scary narrow miss when I landed between a steel stake and small tree.

Feeling better

By the time we got ‘home’ to Kalbarri, I was starting to come good. My body was responding positively to giving up sugar. Gluten and milk were already gone, but onions and fruit were now limited as they caused stomach pain since the whooping cough antibiotics. I had beaten the cough and was getting my iron under control. Then, I became fatigued and dizzy, with increasing pain in my hands and arms.  The local doctor sent me for tests, which were all negative. So he told me, “I think you are creating these symptoms because you are having difficulty fitting in to your new community”.  It seemed like nobody could help me. The pain would get so bad that I’d lay awake at night with tears streaming down my face, just wishing for a reprieve. During the day I couldn’t function. I thought the depression was just grief over the end of our trip. I was really struggling, I didn’t know myself and I couldn’t get a break from the aching.

I knew enough to suspect certain illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, or Lyme disease, but none of my tests showed anything wrong. I couldn’t help myself with Ayurveda yet as I’d just started my studies. At one time, there was a suspectedWoman Holding Her Head Ross River or Epstein Barr virus infection, but serology conversion tests didn’t show positives at the many repeats.

My training helped me realise that food triggers were adding to my pain as leaky gut sets an autoimmune cascade in place. This sends our protective immune cells on a killing rampage throughout the body. Plus, I could feel the action and reaction, so clearly. I’ve only recently learned that the same reaction was slowly killing cells in my brain, contributing to my brain fog and depression.

A clear revelation

One day I stumbled across a natural anti-viral protocol which included a spirulina drink. I didn’t have that, but did have MiEssence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood. I started taking it daily. Soon, I noticed my premenstrual ingestion of the entire pantry, searching for ‘something’, could be stopped with a glass of this ugly green juice. I had more energy and felt better, so I got lazy and stopped taking it. Within a week, all my symptoms returned. That was a nasty way to recognise that I had been really well. I was functioning at a higher level than I had in 3 years, feeling less pain, getting out, exercising and beginning to enjoy our new life at our new home.

So that was it – this fabulous green stuff my family call ‘swamp juice’ was helping me beat ‘whatever’ the medical system couldn’t find.

Perfect Green Goodness

Inflammation in the gut causes leaky gut and issues of heat such as diarrhoea, autoimmune diseases, rashes, gut pain, IBS and more.

We now know that all chronic disease shares one factor: inflammation. That includes cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, sprue diseases such as Crohn’s and IBS, eczema and more. Inflammation contributes to joint pain and degradation, irritable gut, skin rashes, exacerbates allergic symptoms and makes us old. Additionally, viruses and bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. New research is showing that inflammation in the gut directly affects the brain and can increase anxiety, depression and even deterioration toward dementia.

Our stress-laden lives and sub-optimal diets create acidic conditions in our body. Even eating a healthy diet which contains a little dairy, meat or legumes creates acid in the body. We need to be actively countering this with a steady stream of anti-oxidants and alkalising foods such as leafy greens, fresh local vegetables and fruit.

When we need to deal with illness or ongoing stress, we use up our minerals more quickly. Stress also reduces our digestive enzymes, so we need more plant enzymes to help us gain our essential nutrients.

DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood is a blend of organic whole plants selected to deliver superior nutrition and a high dose of antioxidant, alkalising greens to your body. If you’ve been suffering like I was and can’t manage to eat 800g+ of leafy greens daily, this is for you.

I have seen clients shake off years of fatigue and improve eczema dramatically, with just a few doses. Young kids seem to quite like it. I like to take mine as a delicious drink with cool coconut water.