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Anxious man

Does Anxiety Really Exist?

I haven't posted in a while, so thought I'd share something I wrote about anxiety a few years ago. Ayurveda offers fabulous, tangible tools which have remained relevant throughout the history of this fabulous health science - since before the written word. Of course anxiety is real! Before you become offended by my title, please know, I too live with a...

Reassurance in the Face of Forced Home-Schooling

In most of my consultations, I find myself explaining and reassuring my clients. Right now we are at a critical time in the health of our society. This is already limiting our social and community gatherings. I sincerely hope this blog can reassure and settle concerns for parents as Covid-19 precautions may mean voluntary or forced home-schooling. When we decided to...

Vegetable stock concentrate ingredients

Making Health in My Kitchen

I wrote this blog in May and just found it again today. I can’t believe it has been only 3 ½ months since the election. It feels like a year has passed! Interestingly though, I worked through my white space and rest recently and have succumbed to a sniffle. This morning, as I struggled with fuzzy head and some Monday-itis,...

Autumn Tips for Better Balance

April sees a definite seasonal change throughout most of Western Australia. Cool nights, increased wind in the afternoon and shortening days tell us that we need to adjust our seasonal routines. The season is high in vata, so we need to take measures to counteract that to maintain balance in our body and lives. ...