Autumn Tips for Better Balance

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April sees a definite seasonal change throughout most of Western Australia. Cool nights, increased wind in the afternoon and shortening days tell us that we need to adjust our seasonal routines. The season is high in vata, so we need to take measures to counteract that to maintain balance in our body and lives.

Warm your food; cook to start the digestion process.

If you’re a lover of salads, it’s time to begin warming your food again. Most people can only digest salad well when the weather outside is very warm.

Nobody should be drinking iced drinks at this time. Cold drinks kill the digestive fire, solidify congestions within the body and can increase problems in the respiratory system.

Meals should be cooked now and spices added to support strong digestion. We want to go into winter with clarity in body and mind as congestion (ama – sticky, white undigested matter) can be a breeding ground for unwanted visitors in the body. Favour turmeric, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, cumin, paprika.

Ginger tea is excellent for bringing clarity while aiding the digestion process.


It is also time to increase cleansing in the body to prepare for immune challenges ahead with winter and indoor living increasing the spread of many germs.

To gently cleanse, remember to take your warm lemon water every morning, and be sure you are pooping every morning. Carrying around yesterday’s ‘load’ is going to make you sore, sluggish and increase problems like asthma, skin diseases and  headache. So, if you’re not pooping every morning, drink 2+ warm lemon drinks and increase your fibre intake with more vegetables at breakfast and some psyllium husk taken in a glass of water before bed.

Self Care

As the cool nights set in, it is time to renew our practices of sesame oil massage. 

Black sesame oil is known at the antidote to vata which has the properties of space, air and wind  – rough, dry, cold, moving, expanding, subtle.
Self massage not only nourishes and feeds the skin for longevity, it brings us back into the body, calms the nerves, acts as gentle passive exercise to move lymph and congestion and helps with sleep.

200ml Organic Black Sesame oil is just $12 from Zanti Ayurveda and Shawny’s Country Kitchen.

At my Self Massage workshop, you’ll learn more about these wonderful benefits.