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12 months of supported education, connection and integration for women wanting to feel great, automate health and lead from the front.  For themselves, their families and their tribes. Welcome to your path to natural wellness.

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CLUB Zanti Success Stories

“Epic Peta Crogan! It’s been an absolutely amazing journey this far thank you so much. I’ve improved my energy levels & brain focus. My sleep is better, I’ve quit smoking and I’m growing my business!”

“I am more aware of self and my mental state. My body and food connection is growing. I’m picking up on self-sabotage. That awareness is helping me so much and I’m ready to take next steps”.

“I always love receiving your herbal remedies and consultation notes. I love something to follow and (even though I’ve been with you for many years ) I have loved the program. I’m learning what I want out of life. I’m starting my mornings right and I’m even exercising.”

“I’m learning about my vata dominances and how to balance those with a really good routine. I’ve also kicked my coffee habit and I realised the other day when I tried to drink some coke that my tastes have completely changed. I immediately noticed the effects in my body and I didn’t like it!”

{At a recent cooking class} “Ladies, I want to show you something…” {grasps pants and shows us how much extra space is there at waist and thighs from her weight loss, then begins to laugh} 

“This has been a game changer for us!”

What we offer

Club Zanti

12 months of supported connection and accountability, Ayurvedic education to hold you in wellness, private consultation, workshops, recipes, cooking classes, excursions, cleanses, challenges and liberating structures. 

Health Consultation

Your initial health assessment is a thorough and in-depth experience in which you’ll learn a great deal about yourself.  Available in-person or online.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Please book directly with my south-of-the-river locations: Pilates Fitness Institute  and  Zanti Ayurveda.


Teaching allows me to combine my passions of empowering others and alchemy, so I give my knowledge readily. Participants gain a wealth of knowledge about themselves, plus easy health tips and DIY confidence to take home.

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

Individual treatments for scars, tears and adhesions are available. I also offer MSTR training for professionals who work with the human body.

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Club Zanti is the place for women who are ready to invest in their future selves: Body, energy, sleep, clarity, longevity. It is a place of connection, support and foundational knowledge for life-long wellness.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embody Ayurvedic principles and practises to flip inflammation and deeply heal, revealing your most vibrant and best self.


Membership has its benefits

Access all online programs, accountability sessions. 

Payment plans available. One year membership.   

*CLUB ZANTI is currently paused*

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Peta Crogan

As a certified Ayurveda Practitioner, I mesh this ancient science with extensive contemporary training including Pathology, Medical Research, Nutrition, Fertility and other modalities to bring you a scientifically supported, holistic and healing experience.