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Reassurance in the Face of Forced Home-Schooling

In most of my consultations, I find myself explaining and reassuring my clients. Right now we are at a critical time in the health of our society. This is already limiting our social and community gatherings. I sincerely hope this blog can reassure and settle concerns for parents as Covid-19 precautions may mean voluntary or forced home-schooling. When we decided to...

Vegetable stock concentrate ingredients

Making Health in My Kitchen

I wrote this blog in May and just found it again today. I can’t believe it has been only 3 ½ months since the election. It feels like a year has passed! Interestingly though, I worked through my white space and rest recently and have succumbed to a sniffle. This morning, as I struggled with fuzzy head and some Monday-itis,...

How To Make a Dry Heat Pack in 1 Minute

Like attracts like and opposites balance. When you are suffering with a chesty cough or catarrh in the lungs, a dry heat pack is recommended. Some of the heat packs I've seen in the shops lately are filled with all sorts of dubious ingredients. Here's a no-sew, 1 minute option that almost anyone can DIY....

Family Friendly Remedies for Cough and Cold from Ayurveda

Winter is particularly challenging to our immune system and viruses love to use us weakened humans as hosts. The result is plenty of snot, pain, headache and missed opportunities to shine. Before you hand over your cash at the late-night chemist, check out these family-safe, natural remedies from Ayurveda. They not only boost your natural immunity and ease pain, they taste...